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Frustrated with Your Social Media Marketing? Try These 10 Tips to Spark Response

Many business owners seem to have bought into the fiction that if they simply build a social media site, customers will magically arrive. But that doesn’t work. Having a Facebook site does not produce customers by itself nor does Pinterest automatically drive traffic to your website. You can’t simply create a site, do a little posting, or even purchase a few thousand followers and then sit back and relax. If you do, you will be frustrated and convinced that you have wasted both time and money. Establishing a social media presence is only the first step. To reach your audience and convert leads into customers, you must engage them. In today’s world, that’s what your customers expect. If you are on a social media platform, you must participate regularly. It will take time and thoughtful activity to build trust and a loyal following. But once you do that, the results can be amazing. Loyal customers can become your best sales people.

Here are 10 things you should do (or not do) to develop trust and build and retain a loyal following:

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