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3 Simple Steps to Make Your Content Easy to Share

If you are posting content on your website or on social media, one of your goals is to get other people to share it. To maximize your reach, you must motivate your audience to spread your content. Obviously, that means you must be posting content that your readers find useful, entertaining or inspiring. But even with amazing content, you also need to make it easy for your audience to share it.

If you do not optimize your content for sharing, you lose a chance to reach beyond your audience. So take a few simple steps to not only inspire your readers to share, but to make it easier for them to do so.

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5 Ways Social Media Can Boost Your Company’s Success

Social media is no longer a luxury, but rather an integral factor in your marketing plan. That doesn’t mean you need to be on all platforms and spend hours posting, researching, liking and engaging with prospects and leads to benefit from a social media presence. Your customers are on social media, so you need to be there too.

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Don’t Bother Me — I’m Advertising!

InSource Extinct Dodo Bird
We’ve probably all heard about advertising campaigns that became famous (or infamous) because they attracted a lot of attention, but didn’t increase sales for the companies buying the ads. Both the ancient, but clever, Alka-Seltzer commercials from the late ’60s and early ’70s (e.g., “‘at’s a spicy meatball!” or “I can’t believe I ate the whole thing!“) and the more recent Taco Bell ads with the talking chihuahua fall into that category. In fact, sales of both products went down during the periods when their respective commercials were broadcast. While the failure of both campaigns has provided plenty of argument fodder for marketing professionals, the conventional wisdom is that both campaigns were a waste of money. But it’s just as easy to err in the other direction… Continue reading

Frustrated with Your Social Media Marketing? Try These 10 Tips to Spark Response

Many business owners seem to have bought into the fiction that if they simply build a social media site, customers will magically arrive. But that doesn’t work. Having a Facebook site does not produce customers by itself nor does Pinterest automatically drive traffic to your website. You can’t simply create a site, do a little posting, or even purchase a few thousand followers and then sit back and relax. If you do, you will be frustrated and convinced that you have wasted both time and money. Establishing a social media presence is only the first step. To reach your audience and convert leads into customers, you must engage them. In today’s world, that’s what your customers expect. If you are on a social media platform, you must participate regularly. It will take time and thoughtful activity to build trust and a loyal following. But once you do that, the results can be amazing. Loyal customers can become your best sales people.

Here are 10 things you should do (or not do) to develop trust and build and retain a loyal following:

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How to use Pinterest Effectively to Promote Your Small Business

When I first heard about Pinterest in 2011, I thought it would be a great platform to collect and organize my personal interests—books, recipes, wines. I did not immediately see it as a business tool. But as Pinterest evolved, many businesses found it to be a dynamic platform for engaging customers. Find out if it is right for you. Continue reading